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SQL Anywhere .NET Developer Center


Leverage the power of SQL Anywhere and your knowledge of .NET to deliver high quality data-driven solutions. With SQL Anywhere's support for Microsoft .NET throughout the database, it is easy to integrate data enablement and synchronization into your applications. The resources presented here will help you to get started and answer your specific questions regarding SQL Anywhere and .NET development.

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Getting Started
  • SQL Anywhere Integration with Visual Studio 2008
    This whitepaper outlines the Visual Studio 2008 integration features that are present in SQL Anywhere, and contains tutorials demonstrating how the integration features can be used to ease application development while working with a database.
  • SQL Anywhere .NET Support
    How to write programs in any of the .NET supported languages, such as C# and Visual Basic .NET, and access data from SQL Anywhere databases.
  • SQL Anywhere 11's New .NET Support Webcast
    This webcast outlines the new .NET capabilities in SQL Anywhere 11, in particular the CLR external environment and support for the ADO.NET Entity Framework.
  • Writing Synchronization Scripts in .NET
    MobiLink supports the Visual Studio programming languages for writing synchronization scripts. To write MobiLink scripts in .NET, you can use any language that lets you create valid .NET assemblies.
  • Configuring Windows Mobile Databases
    How to configure a SQL Anywhere database on Windows Mobile.

The following .NET samples feature a SQL Anywhere 11 version of the AdventureWorks2008 database and a Visual Studio 2008 solution for a fictitious business scenario. These samples will help guide you through the development of a SQL Anywhere-enabled .NET application, as well as highlight key functionality available for programmers.

AdventureWorks2008 Sample Database for SQL Anywhere

AdventureWorks2008 .NET Samples

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