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Advantage Database Server

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Advantage Database Server is a high-performance client/server data management system that enables you to create powerful business applications faster and easier. Unique in its space, Advantage Database Server provides both ISAM table-based and SQL-based data access, allowing a growth path for legacy database applications to today's modern techniques. Advantage is a full-featured, high performance client/server data management system specifically designed to meet the needs of business application developers.

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  • Flexible data access via either native relational SQL or direct navigational database commands.
  • Optimized data access for all development environments including Delphi, Visual Studio, Visual Objects, Visual Basic, and more.
  • Zero administration, easy to install and manage - does not require a DBA, eliminating high administration costs.
  • Complete referential integrity support including primary/foreign key definition and cascaded updates and deletes.
  • Complete server-based transaction processing eliminates database corruption, drastically reducing support costs.
  • Database security and encryption support.
  • Fully scalable from local to peer-to-peer to client/server environments - with one set of source code.




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